You’re not a stats genius

Neither am I. I get it. You just want to up your skills and get more done at work

Readers are loving it!

Just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING your R for Excel Users book! OMG, dude, you are a life saver!!! I think its the best book out there especially for novices and the connection to Excel makes it the easiest thing in the world to understand!

Arlene B
Digital Marketing Strategist
I am only on page 7 of your book and I had to stop to thank you. Your book is EXACTLY what I needed. I’ve taken the R programming class three times from Coursera and actually only passed it by doing the last assignment in Excel. Your book and blog would have helped me so much during the class. I know it’s going to help me learn what I couldn’t from the class!

Sheryl Z
Supply Chain Analyst
I came across your site while looking for a way to use R for an Excel vlookup/index-match equivalent, and really appreciated it. I felt like your description of the merge function was the best I had read, and I had looked at a few sources.

Zachary S
MBA Student